The Baker’s Chocolate rip off

I’ve been cooking with Baker’s Chocolate all my life.  I’m sure the box has changed a bit since my birth, but probably not by much.  And it’s certainly always included eight individually wrapped 1 oz. squares, just like it says on the box.
I like Baker’s Chocolate because it’s familiar and a good product and also because it’s a good buy.  When they say 2x more product than competitor package, they are talking about Ghirardelli, which is good chocolate, but comes in four-ounce bars for nearly the same price, so I don’t buy it very often.
But look!  Baker’s (since 1780) chocolate, has reformulated.   Now, instead of eight individually wrapped 1 oz. squares it comes in a 4oz Easy Break Bar.
First of all, I didn’t need an easy break bar. Those individually wrapped packages were fine for me.  Secondly, they have given us half the product and are charging the same price.

Are you kidding me?  The price break was their selling point.  I may just abandon them for the Ghirardelli.  Talk about not knowing your audience.

4 thoughts on “The Baker’s Chocolate rip off”

  1. That seems like one of those really dumb decisions someone high-up (and out-of-touch) in management makes, only to regret it immediately. Like Barilla telling the gays to buy their competitors' pasta. The CFOs for both companies are probably screaming, "WHAT are you doing?!"

  2. That has been happening all over. I especially notice it in my favorite boxes of candy. Same size box, less candy. Meh!

  3. I've been buying Baker's unsweetened chocolate for at least 20 years. It always came in an 8 oz, box with individually wrapped 1 oz pieces. Now it comes in an "easy break" package with 4 oz at the same price the 8 oz box was. What a ripoff. I'll never buy the product again.

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