The best item at the Rosetown Ramblers Garage Sale

Who doesn’t want thirteen plates depicting Lady Diana in various outfits, all displayed on a wooden rack with a placard that says “Queen of our Hearts” and also includes the original boxes along with the certificates of authenticity from the Bradford Exchange?

I know!!!Especially when one plate–the wedding dress–is missing.

I was very excited to point out this item to every person over the age of 30 who came to our square dance club’s fundraising garage sale. I was also happy to be there when someone bought this amazing treasure. It was a woman who has a fundraising tea twice yearly and she thought the plates would be a great addition.

One thought on “The best item at the Rosetown Ramblers Garage Sale”

  1. AGREED! That is pretty darn amazing!!!

    Side note: I have bridged past the really old posts that feel off my reader (April/May) and have moved into the latest batch to fall of my reader (June). It is almost time to go to Mass so I will sign off for today. I really like getting caught up. It’s fun to visit your summer! 🙂

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