The end of Powell’s 2, nee Powell’s Technical Books

Once upon a time Powell’s Technical Books was at the corner of NW Park and Couch in a big white brick building with a store cat named Fup. Time passed, Fup died of old age, things changed, Powell’s Technical moved a few blocks north and became Powell’s 2.  The white brick building was torn down to make way for student apartments and a coffee shop with incredibly slow service.  
Walking by today, I see that Powell’s 2 has moved back to the mother ship, and so I bid goodbye to another piece in what was once an empire. Which will survive, of course, but in a different form than before.

2 thoughts on “The end of Powell’s 2, nee Powell’s Technical Books”

  1. So the technical books will be back at the main store? That makes my visit there make a whole lot more sense. They were in the middle of shifting things around. In a way, I'm not surprised. I can't imagine that demand for technical books is high enough to need a separate store.

  2. Oh, our changing world.

    I have clearly run out of clever things to say. Sorry.

    Happy Sunday morning commenting. I just have 10 more to catch up on. No more snow days and getting me behind, please. Off to muster my brain and start a paper.

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