The temporary things that become part of your life.

This sign has been affixed to a locker near the one I use in the Campus Rec Center for months. I have spent many mornings staring at it as I transition from my swimming gear to my work gear.

I can see that it was hastily written by a Campus Rec employee, probably a female. I can see that this person had no idea the note would be posted for so long because little care was made in writing.

The sign gets the job done. There is an alert to the problem, there is a directive, and there is an apology. It’s scrawled on a PSU notepad and hung (again hastily, with tape.)

And then, there’s that signature. What is going on with that signature? It’s written in a different pen, and in a different handwriting. It was clearly there before the note was put up because the tape covers the S and part of the M in “Smith.”

Who is Smith? My current theories are that two employees were joking around as they made the sign, hence the “Love” or that the Love, Smith was written before the note itself was.

Someday, that locker will be fixed and the note will be gone. It will take me a few weeks to notice its absence. And then I will move on with my life, never knowing the story behind the note.

This is what the short-lived podcast Mystery Show was good for.

I just had a slight birdwalk and discovered that Starlee Kine (who made Mystery Show) now has a Patreon page where for $5.00 per month you will get access to a podcast she will create. Interesting.

3 thoughts on “The temporary things that become part of your life.”

  1. Interesting practice of noting the temporality of some things. I like it. And the dual writing/ink details registers a fun and thought-provoking conundrum!

    Now…when I comment here in almost July, it makes me wonder: is it still there?

  2. And with that I am caught up on my Orange Door posts in my feed. I know there are many waiting for me from the dissertation writing hole time of my life…but those I will leave for another day! TTFN!

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