The Things We Keep

Can you guess the age of this container?

Did you guess 22 years? If so, you are correct. When I lived in Boston in the 90s, my friends Cindy and Sara came to see me from Idaho. It was a very fun trip. We did all the Boston things, gossiped, and had a ton of fun.

At one point, Sara went with me to Star Market (Stah Mahket) to pick up some more Lucky Charms (I had bought them special for their visit) and we spent long enough looking at the differences in food between Massachusetts and Idaho that when we returned Cindy wondered where we’d gone to.

One of the things not in that South Boston supermarket? Adams Peanut Butter. It was a hardship for me (the Smuckers natural brand just wasn’t as good) and Sara felt my pain. When she went home she sent me this five-pound jar from Costco.

It’s a good-sized container, and I’ve used it since that time.

And soon the container will be older than we were on that trip.

2 thoughts on “The Things We Keep”

  1. I could linger in a grocery store like nobodies business – even now!!! I so remember that extended visit to the market. I also remember annoying the hello out of the checker for my Idaho chit-chat chatter conversation which was NOT welcome in Stah Mahket and how we laughed to that on the walk home! After living in the east I have been relatively cured of such things and don’t mind some passing pleasantries but DO NOT want to chat in any way!

    I had forgotten that I sent this your way! When we lived in VA we got it shipped to us and had family send it out way! In fact, even though we can get it in the store here (though not at the size we like) – our subscription continues and is actually less expensive. 🙂

    I have the picture of the three of us from some point on the epic Boston Tour (the red line) in a collage frame in my room. Thanks for the fun memories with this post!

    1. Ah, those checkers at Star Market. Actually, come to think of it, it wasn’t Star Market at the time. It was Flanagan’s. Their grocery bags said, “Friendly Flanagans.” They were not.

      Here’s an article about South Boston from 1998

      And one from 2012. Apparently it’s now Stop and Shop, and the Osco (which is what it was when I lived there) is now a Rite Aid.

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