The Top and Bottom 2022 Movies

Since 3SMReviews is in a quiet state, I’ll post some pictures of my most favorite and least favorite movies this year. There will be more movies added to this list as the rest of the 2022 movies appear in Portland, Oregon theaters. (It annoys me that we don’t get some of them until 2023—and well into 2023 at that.) But here’s the list as of December 31.

And here is the bottom of the list. Netflix really didn’t come through me this year as nos. 41, 43, 44, 46, and 47 are all Netflix films. (Though I watched White Noise at the Hollywood Theatre, not at home on Netflix.)

(And to be fair, I just don’t like Christmas Movies a la Hallmark, so Falling for Christmas wasn’t terrible, it was just a standard Hallmark-esque Christmas movie.)

What movies did you like and not like this year?

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