Three sentence movie reviews: Battle of the Sexes

I was only mildly interested in this movie because I don’t tend to prioritize movies where I have to spend a lot of time watching the antics of chauvinist pigs (especially lately–I get more than enough of that in the news.) But this movie did a great job of making everyone–even the chauvinist pigs–three dimensional and it turned out to be very much worth watching. Emma Stone as Billie Jean King did a great job of balancing the tennis pressure with the might-be-a-lesbian pressure and the movie never got bogged down in too much of anything.*

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home with Matt. (When I bring home a movie with Emma Stone, it’s a sure thing that Matt will suggest watching it.)

*Our DVD copy had a short interview with Billie Jean King that was wonderful to watch. She remains realistic about the situation of women’s equality, but reminds people “you have to start somewhere.”

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