Three sentence movie reviews: Bletchly Circle (sp)

What with the 50s-era setting, the marginalized, incredibly smart women and the intriguing mystery I was all in.  This is a great period piece and a very astute commentary about why it’s important that every person gets to work to their full potential.  Also a sly commentary on movies/t.v. that marginalize women’s stories.

Cost:  free
Where watched:  at a woman from Kenton Library Book Group’s house.

poster from: IMDB

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Bletchly Circle (sp)”

  1. This has been sitting in my Netflix queue for a while! Now I'm even more intrigued. I'll have to get around to watching it soon.

  2. We just got hooked ourselves. I love that PBS has both this show and Call the Midwife. Real stories about real women that are not centering their lives around men.

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