Three sentence movie reviews: Crazy, Stupid, Love

Having seen this film, I feel as if I must make the following point very clearly: People–I’m quite serious here–feel free to recommend movies to me; especially perfectly done romantic comedies that are actually FUNNY as well as ROMANTIC and take nimble turns of plot I don’t really expect.  This movie has been out for TWO YEARS and someone just mentioned it to me this summer, which is a shame because due to the excellent caliber of motion picture (acting/plot/bevy of talented performers) I feel that my life would have been changed, and for the better.  So don’t hold back; if you see a movie you think I will like, by all means let me know what it is.

Cost:  free from library
Where watched: at home with Matt in the same room, but not really paying attention the first night.  Then sitting next to me on the next night when I convinced him to watch it, instead of just listening.

(I don’t only blame you guys.  I also blame the poster.  It is not at all right for what this movie is. It’s also the reason I didn’t see it in the theaters, because I figured I knew what it was about.  But the poster is not an accurate reflection of the movie.  Trust me here.)

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Crazy, Stupid, Love”

  1. Oh how I loved this movie. I'm sorry you didn't know about it. You know, I love the squinty gerbil guy so it was an easy pick for me. 😉

  2. I wanted to see this when it came out but somehow didn't. I'm going to go order it from the library right now. I LOVE Emma Stone (and Marisa Tomei, for that matter).

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