Three sentence movie reviews: Double Indemnity

This is a film noir that I would recommend to someone looking for a film noir.* Aside from the frankly unbelievable speed at which the characters fell in love, this was a taut little thriller with some good twists and turns. I also enjoyed the importance of the Dictaphone to the plot of the movie.

Cost: free from libarary
Where watched: at home.

*I’ve probably only seen two other film noirs, but I found this to be quite engaging.

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Here are the scratch-off pictures:

Sorry for the blurry first picture; I like the reveal.
This movie is so good. Totally worth the watch.

I should probably re-watch this one, due to seeing it 20+ years ago and also very late at night.

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  1. Oh the dictaphone! Love this review, too: a taut little thriller! Yay scratch off poster!

    (Blog Update: 6 March posts in the queue and ready for formatting!).

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