Three sentence movie reviews: Downton Abbey Season 4

I didn’t take well to the BIG THING that happened at the end of the second episode, and thus was not really enthralled with the whole shebang.  However, the season did have its charming moments, like the scene with Mary, Tom and Isobel sitting in the nursery, talking about when they knew they were in love.  They managed to wrap everything up nicely in the end and I’m interested in seeing what season five brings.

Cost: free for me
Where watched: mom’s house, because she DVR’d the season, thus sparing me from late Sunday nights

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4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Downton Abbey Season 4”

  1. Amen, sister! Great link! I also think when BIG THINGS like that happen in movies/TV, it's about keeping the women in their place, even subconsciously. I was reading a Q&A from a woman who walked across the country by herself and one of her observations was something like: you'll get used to the weirdness of guys you just met asking you why you aren't worried about getting raped. They don't understand that it's kind of a creepy question and they don't understand that as a woman you can be raped any time and anywhere. It's just part of your life, walking across the country or not.

    This struck me as completely correct and totally astute.

  2. Gosh, P, your comment reminded me of something a guy said to me when I was living in Austin. At the time, I used to write "SEE ID" on my debit card rather than signing it (I no longer do because practically no one bothers to ask for your id no matter what you write on the back, so I gave up). I was at an army surplus store to purchase combat boots and goggles for a Tank Girl costume. The guy behind the counter looks at my SEE ID signature and starts to berate me, "You shouldn't do that. Anyone could ask for your id and then copy down your address and come after you." I was sooooo creeped out. I wanted to say, "The only one I'm worried about turning up at my house announced now is YOU." Good grief. Who says stuff like that other than a total perv?

    At any rate, yeah, I don't think guys truly understand that the possibility of rape is something a woman deals with every day of her life.

    As for Downtown Abbey, I've still never seen any of it other than the first episode. I don't mind spoilers though. They don't stop me from watching stuff. 🙂

  3. I think men think they are being helpful, trying to "save" us from the potential of rape. When really, the fact that men rape comes from a deep systemic inequality that most men don't really want to think about, much less deal with. So they give us helpful hints as to how to avoid rape and call it good.

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