Three sentence movie reviews: Molly’s Game

Sorkin brings the dialogue, as he is wont to, and Chastain and Elba bring the sizzle, as they are known for. I’m a fan of a steely woman, some bad choices and a conundrum or two, so this movie worked for me. As usual, the “based on a true story” aspect was annoying* though there was Michael Cera as a skeevy actor/poker player, so that was fun.

Cost: $1.50 via Redbox
Where watched: at home with Matt, who tried to resist Sorkin’s dialogue, but was pulled in by the first scene.

*It distracts me because I find myself wondering just how much of it was real.

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One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews: Molly’s Game”

  1. Glad this fit the bill. I find it amusing to think of Matt trying to resist the pull and being unsuccessful. That snappy dialogue can’t be missed.

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