Three sentence movie reviews: Much Ado About Nothing

I see a lot of Shakespeare and I mostly enjoy myself, but it can have a bit of take-your-medicine-quality, even in the more delightful plays, of which this is one.  However, I can say that this movie had not a whiff of cod liver oil about it and was the kind of charming where my front teeth dried out because I was smiling so much.  It was interesting to observe the cuts Whedon made* (I’ve seen this play a goodly amount, as it’s rather popular) and to watch the romances develop.

Cost:  $7.00
Where watched: Cinema 21, with Kelly.

*fear not, Whedon fans, he does not employ his usual Whedon trick of killing off favorite characters in dastardly and tragic ways.

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Much Ado About Nothing”

  1. Dan absolutely loves this play (the Kenneth Branagh movie is one of his all-time favorite movies), so he kept suggesting that we go see this and I kept saying no. I had no idea that it was Whedon, or that it involved so many Whedon alums! I think I'll have to go see it now.

  2. we need to see this movie. we have almost gone to it a couple of times and then something has gotten in the way. it will happen soon and i can't wait.

    -from the ee cummings version of sara k

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