Three sentence movie reviews: Say Anything


This was playing at a park near the river during my visit.  We opted not to see it because it was too late, and I had a very early flight, but then, much like Ione Sky in the movie, we watched it at home anyway.  Alas, one of our party (who had never seen it) still has not seen it due to the lateness of the hour and work obligations the next day.

Cost: Sara owns
Where watched: Minneapolis home of Sara and Shawn.

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I love how you can see the fold marks.

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Say Anything”

  1. Is there anyone who doesn’t love John Cusack’s character in this film? Unfortunately, I never much cared for Ione Sky’s and wished he would’ve ended up with someone who treated him better.

  2. Oh Lloyd! I love that was threw all adultyness to the wind and allowed our teenage selves to decide to watch this. How could we not after hearing fun snippets of it in the park.

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