Three sentence movie reviews: Sherlock Season 1

Gleefully delightful update with Sherlock cast as a mostly insufferable (but incredibly watchable) Asperger-y Consulting Detective* and Dr. Watson a recently invalided Army doctor home from Afghanistan.  The first episode, especially (there are three 90 minute episodes in the first season) is quite funny as our two main heroes meet and get to know each other.  All three mysteries were gripping and discussable and I look forward to catching up with all seasons of this drama.
Cost:  Free from library
Where watched: at home.  Then re-watched episodes 1 & 3 with Matt.
*He made it up.  He’s the only one.
poster from the Wikipedia page.

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Sherlock Season 1”

  1. Oh how we adore this incarnation of Mr. Holmes. I reread a lot of the mysteries last summer. Ever so delightful to see how they mix it up for this show.

  2. I love series 1 & 2. Cumberbatch and Freeman have such great chemistry with one another, and the stories are interesting. I also like all of the supporting cast; there's not a single one I dislike until series 3. In fact, I felt that series 3 was a huge misstep in general, but I'm still hanging in and hopeful for series 4.

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