Three sentence movie reviews: Sing Street

One Mr. Adam Kempenaar of the Filmspotting podcast loves this truly and deeply, so much so that he gets mad whenever anyone doesn’t love it as much as him.  He needn’t worry about me, I loved this all the way through every change of persona the band made as they were trying on different music styles.  There wasn’t as much female-forward stuff as in Carney’s Begin Again, but it was delightful and with some great performances.*

Cost: Free from library
Where watched: at home, while painting toenails purple.

*Ferdia Walsh-Peelo carried the film as Conner, and I also enjoyed Mark McKenna as the multi-talented Eamon and Ben Carolan as the manager.  Plus, Jack Reynor continued the charismatic streak he started in A Royal Night Out.

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Sing Street”

  1. It’s funny, because I just watched A Royal Night Out in January. Then I watched this in March, and I still couldn’t place Jack Reynor until I looked him up. One of the hallmarks of good acting, I think!

    I really loved the songs in this, so much so that I meant to look and see if the soundtrack is available to purchase but forgot to do so. Off to look now…

    Also, I loved the transition of the band’s sound.

    1. Re: Jack Reynor, yep. I also have that with Bryce Dallas Howard. Every time I see her in a movie, it’s: who IS that actress? She’s a chameleon.

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