Three sentence movie reviews: The Fast & The Furious

fast_and_the_furiousHaving just watched Furious 7, I felt compelled to go back and remember why I like these movies so much.  This is the movie that sets the stage and introduces us to a bunch of our series regulars, as well as establishing that Vin Diesel, while he might beat someone nearly to death while his sister repeatedly yells his name, will not kill someone by shooting a gun.  Favorite moment:  Paul Walker breaking into a huge smile, pointing at Vin Diesel and saying “I nearly had you!” as well as Vin Diesel’s response.

Cost: $2.99 from Amazon Instant Video.
Where watched: at mom’s house (she has a smart TV)

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Fast & The Furious”

  1. More dedication! I am so glad that the reviewing brings you such joy! Hee hee, the comments about Vin and killing me!

  2. Paul Walker did have a rather lovely smile. I’m shocked by how young everyone looks on the poster. It’s hard to believe the first movie came out 14 years ago (or, more specifically, that 2001 was 14 years ago).

    1. In the first one (and possibly the second) he had those blonde curls that I find adorable. But they were gone by the fourth movie, never to return. And now, never actually to return.

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