Three sentence movie reviews: The Fate of the Furious

What is it about these movies that make me incredibly happy?  Plot elements, acting ability, general ridiculousness that would sink any other movie are gleefully enjoyed when it comes to the Fast and the Furious franchise. Jason Statham’s final fight scene was my favorite, but there were many other enjoyable moments in these 136 minutes.

Cost: $6.00
Where watched: St. Johns Twin Cinema (movie #3 on Movie Day)

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5 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Fate of the Furious”

  1. I genuinely love your commitment to this franchise. Not just commitment but downright enthusiasm and enjoyment. It makes me smile.

  2. I totally forgot this already came out! I don’t share your love for this series (I’ve still only seen one of them) but I agree with Sara, I love your enthusiasm.

    1. Dear teenage self,

      When you get older, you will become quasi-obsessed with a kind of dumb action movie series involving cars and hunky-looking people. Your enthusiasm will be unabashed in a way that your teenage self would find embarrassing. But that is just what will happen, so roll with it.

      Your middle-aged self.

      1. I LOVE THIS!!! It would be fun to do a whole series of dear teenage self letters! I know there is a YA book with that premise – written by YA authors.

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