Three sentence movie reviews: The General

While I had a poor quality print with random classical music songs* (beginning with the graduation earworm “Pomp & Circumstance”) the actual story overcame these handicaps. Buster Keaton’s antics were fun to watch (and exhausting when thinking about filming them.) For a movie that is over 80 years old, this holds up nicely.**

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

*Because this is a famous movie filmed in Oregon, it’s not unusual for it to play at one of our many theaters. I’d like to see it again, with a sensible score and a crowd to help fuel the laughter.
**Aside from the fact that if you sympathize with Keaton’s plight you are rooting for the Confederacy, which depending on which side of “heritage not hate” you fall on, might or might not be a minus.

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