Three sentence movie reviews: The Intern


I expected to like this movie okay, and was surprised to find that I loved it.  It’s a meditation on balancing work and family as well as a primer for being a very good old person.*  Enjoyable from start to finish, with few clinkers, this is a grownup movie that you can watch with your parents and grandparents.

Cost: free due to gift card
Where watched: Regal Bridgeport Village Theater with my mom.  (My first time.  Boy, did I hate Bridgeport Village. However, once we got inside, the theater was like every other Regal Cinema)

*There was an essay rolling around in my head inspired by the movie, but I never got it on paper and the moment has passed.

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I’m pretty sure Hathaway never wore this dress in the movie.  For the head of a clothing company, none of her clothing was very flashy, which I thought worked well with the kind of clothing she was selling.

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  1. I was on the fence about this one. I thought it looked cute, but then the reviews were so-so. I figure it’ll be one of those movies I stumble across on Netflix or HBO Go eventually and watch.

    1. This was one of those unfortunate movies where I watched the preview an excessive amount of times. Maybe as many as 10 times in the theater? They’ve been previewing it for most of this year. So I thought, “NO WAY!” but then both Movie Date people really liked it (and I didn’t expect that both of them would) and so I thought it would make a good mom movie. And then I liked it so much more. Which is my way of saying, maybe you should be excited for the day you will eventually watch it. 🙂

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