Three sentence movie reviews: To the Wonder

Should your child ever ask you what it’s like to be high and you don’t really want them to ingest an illegal substance to find out the answer, might I recommend this movie as a passable substitute?  It’s full of heightened sounds and tones and sort of dreamy and nothing much happens, and even when it does, all the emotions seem muted.  It’s not at all a gripping way to spend two hours, but, just like being in a certain altered state, it’s rather pleasant.

Cost:  $2.00 from Videorama.  (I was attempting to have an Affleck Bros. double feature, but Ain’t Them Bodies Saints had been rented out.)
Where watched:  at home.

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: To the Wonder”

  1. Haha, sounds a bit boring unless you're high. 🙂

    I watched this movie on Netflix the other day, "Drinking Buddies," and once it was over, I was so annoyed that I'd even watched it to begin with. Nothing happened. It had no point. A few days later, I read someone's review that waxed poetic about it. I thought to myself, "I guess that's why I always say 'different strokes for different folks.'"

  2. Drinking Buddies is on my list of things to see. We shall see how well I like it. In like a year, when I get around to it. Sigh.

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