Top Books Read in 2013. Part III: Grown Up Fiction, Nonfiction and Graphic Novels.

Wrapping up the books read post we continue up the age spectrum to the grownup books.

Grownup books:
Rainbow Rowell takes us back to 1999 and an Omaha newspaper newsroom.  Eavesdrop in on two employee’s conversations via email. You won’t be the only one who is eavesdropping, and it’s fun to find out just what kind of a conundrum the book character is getting himself into by eavesdropping.

Signature of All Things
It’s very long and very good.  Take a journey through the 19th century with the daughter of a wealthy Philadelphia merchant/plant importer.

Telegraph Avenue
Or perhaps you would like to take a very long journey (though a fraction of time compared to the previous novel) through current day San Francisco and a record shop owned by two longtime friends?  Michael Chabon has a way with description and his characters don’t disappoint.

Love’s Winning Plays
Then there’s this brief bit of funny fiction.  If you are into skewering college football and the princely riches that come along with it, this is the book for you.  If you are could care less about college football and the princely riches, but enjoy hilarious novels, (as I do) this book is for you.

White Teeth
Another long book.  It seems when I’m not whipping through YA in a day or two I enjoy a story that spools out over many pages.  This time journey to London and catch some sharp observations.

Grownup–Honorable Mentions
Ash Wednesday

The Cocktail Primer
Perhaps you would like a clearly written basic book of cocktails?  This, my friend, is that book.

Vivian Maier:  Out of the Shadows
Check out this book of photographs taken over a few decades by a woman who worked as a nanny.  They were discovered after her death and are incredible.

You Can’t Get There from Here
Gayle Forman and her husband traveled around the world for a year.  They went to unique places, and Forman structures the book with each chapter exploring a different unique part of the world. In the interludes between unique parts of the world, and sometimes within each chapter, Forman writes honestly of how the trip is affecting their marriage.

Quality Graphic Novels
Bad Houses
Hang out in Failin, Oregon and see what some of the residents are up to.

Spend several summers with a group of Vaudevillians on vacation.   One of them is a young Buster Keaton.

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