Three sentence movie reviews: You Can Count on Me

Having loved Manchester by the Sea, I did a nostalgia re-watch of this film.  This was the film where I sat up and took notice of Linney and Ruffalo.*  It’s still good, though a few fashion details have aged unattractively.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

*IMDB tells me that I had seen Laura Linney in several things in the 90s, but this was the first big thing.  Ruffalo was unknown to me the first time I watched this.

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4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: You Can Count on Me”

  1. I’ve still never seen this, although I’ve always heard good things about it. I don’t think Laura Linney registered on my radar screen until Love Actually (2004) or Mark Ruffalo until 13 Going on 30 (also 2004), although IMDB tells me I definitely saw Ruffalo in stuff prior to 2004. It’s funny how you can be completely oblivious to an actor until you see a specific performance.

    1. I just checked to see when “Just Like Heaven” came out. We attempted to see that together along with Kelly on free movie night. I can no longer remember why we didn’t get to see it, only that the reason annoyed me. It was after 2005, so Mark Ruffalo was on you radar for sure, by that point.

  2. I like this when-I-noticed-an-actor aspect of this review. It’s an interesting way to think through movies/entertainment etc. A nice bonus!

    1. Some movies cause me to sit up and take notice of someone. I think my most recent one was Zoey Duetch in Before I Fall. She had a bit part in Everybody Wants Some! but Before was the first time I sat up and wondered who she was. Once I learned who her mother was, I realized why she felt so familiar.

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