Two More Houses On the Chopping Block

I’ve written about 1233 N. Watts before. I suspected its time was drawing neigh and I was correct. Goodbye pretty little 784 square foot 1951 house. You had a good run. I don’t see anything on NextPortland, so I suspect we will get a few large houses where this one was. Farewell to my awesome garden I planned for the side yard.

This is 1225 N. Winchell. It was last sold in August 2021 for $305,000, but the Portland Maps account has a flag on it saying it’s got a pending change, so it has probably been sold again. It’s currently owned by an investment firm in Vancouver, Washington. The sign on the right is saying that it is being deconstructed, so there’s that. No information on NextPortland, so this will probably turn into either one very big house, or a few smaller ones. This house was built in 1922 and is 705 square feet Looking at the photos on this website, it looks like it needed a lot of TLC. It has a big (and surprisingly sunny) backyard.

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