Ursula K LeGuin at Powell’s

Guess how many people came to see the grand dame of the Portland literary scene?  Did you guess one million?  You weren’t far off.  Powell’s had to close the room.  I was very thankful that my friend Carrie wandered upstairs early and grabbed the last two seats.

This guy is filming a documentary about Ms. LeGuin.


And here is Ursula K. LeGuin herself.  She spoke briefly about her revised book Steering the Craft, then opened for questions.  She also clued us into her experiment in teaching, Navigating the Ocean of Story.IMG_4558

One thought on “Ursula K LeGuin at Powell’s”

  1. My HS BFF loved LeGuin. I never got into her work, but I’m not surprised that so many people turned out to hear her talk. Good job to Carrie for snagging seats!

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