Vintage Cakes’ Cherry Chip Cake. Also Chocolate Ice Cream.

I’ve been busy this weekend making ice cream.
And a beautiful Cherry Chip Cake to celebrate the end of school.

It’s Cherry Chip cake with a thin spread of ganache between layers and then frosted with a cherry buttercream frosting.

The cookbook author developed it because she missed the Cherry Chip cake mixes from her childhood.  I too enjoyed those and was happy to try this cake.  I assumed that the Cherry Cake mixes were no more, however when buying ingredients at New Seasons, the cashier told me that the Cherry Chip mix is still made and that New Seasons carries it.  It was rather deflating news.  I still made the cake from scratch anyway.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Cakes’ Cherry Chip Cake. Also Chocolate Ice Cream.”

  1. It is so lovely. I do get cherry chip mix on occasion, just because it has become my favorite nostalgic cake. But really, I'm sure the mix cannot hold a candle to this loveliness!!!

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