Wardrobe Architect: Exploring Shapes

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This week we are figuring out what shapes we feel comfortable in.  This week came with a worksheet that had us rate different ease, length, fullness and waistline of various wardrobe basics.  On our worksheet a zero meant “I hate wearing this” a five was “I am neutral about wearing this” and a ten represented “I am happiest wearing this.  I’m not sure how this will easily sum up, as there are a ton of factors, but I’ll do my best.

I rated very long/maxi and knee length as 10s. I’ve read multiple times that people as short as myself should not wear very long skirts, but I love them.
Everything else got zeros.  I’m looking at you, midi-length that hits my calf in just the place to make me look like a box.
Very full, somewhat full, A-line all got 10s.
Straight got an 8 and Pencil got a 5.  I’ve had bad luck with pencil, because my stride tends to rip them open, but I might give them another chance.
Pretty much natural waistline is my favorite, though dropped got an 8
High and No Waistline?  Not for me.

Somewhat fitted got a 10, with somewhat loose getting a 5
Very long and Knee length got 10s, just as with skirts
Strangely, midi-length in the dress category got an 8, because I realized I had two dresses that were that length.  Maybe because it’s a longer line, it’s not as jarring as on a skirt?  Or maybe because the skirts on those dresses are somewhat full?  Maybe that’s the secret to a happy midi-length:  long line, full skirt.
I was once again happy with Very full, Somewhat full, A-Line, Straight.
I once again gave pencil a five.
High got an 8, Natural got a 10
No Waistline got a five.

Tops and Blouses
I like somewhat fitted and somewhat loose giving them a 10 and an 8 respectively
Tunic length got a 10 (this will be the case for the rest of the categories.  It may be partially due to the fact my work uniform tops currently are too small and I’m constantly pulling them down)
Above hip length received five.  I don’t like my mid-section being exposed, and so this length is not currently my favorite

Jackets and Blazers
Somewhat Fitted and Somewhat Loose both got a 10
Tunic 10, Above hip length 8

I like somewhat fitted and somewhat loose giving them a 10 and an 8 respectively
Very fitted received a 5
Tunic 10, Above hip length 8

There’s an outerwear category, but I’m having enough trouble with normal wardrobe and mostly find outerwear easy, so I’m skipping it.

On to page two!
V-Neck, U-Neck, Boatneck, Square, Sweetheart, Jewel, Scoop all got 10s.  I think my best feature is the acreage between my collarbone and my breasts.  I don’t have cleavage, but the area above where the cleavage isn’t tends to be a nice display space.
Cowel got a 7 (I like that neckline a lot in winter) with Halter bringing in a six.
Turtleneck got a one.  I feel like they make me look jowly.
Things that got a whole bunch of zeros have more to do with arms/shoulders than anything:  Strapless (football player shoulders, which I like overall, but this style is a “just say no” for me) Spaghetti Strap (draws attention to my ripply upper arms) Off Shoulder (too 80s)

Short Sleeve and Long sleeve both got 10s  There’s a sweet spot where a short sleeve hits that is just right.  I managed to find it when I made my Laurel Uniform Shirt.
Three-Quarter Length: 8, Above-Elbow: 6 (although now that I think about it, probably this IS my sweet spot)
Spaghetti Strap, Sleeveless and Cap Sleeve I like a lot, but right now there are upper arm ripples that I prefer to cover up.  I have good muscle in my arm, it just comes with some ripples on top.

So what have we learned?  Whew.  A lot, I guess.  I think we are going to get back to this information next week.

3 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect: Exploring Shapes”

  1. Oh gosh, I don't know what some of these categories are, i.e. drop waist & no waist on skirts. Do they come with explanations and/or visuals? I suppose I could be not lazy and look it up.

  2. Someone made silhouettes of everything mentioned on the worksheet, so there are visuals out there, the Coletterie blog pointed to them at one point. Maddeningly, I couldn't find them again when I went back to look for them, partially because you can't just get to a directory of all the posts in order. But a drop waist is the 20's look, where the waist in around the hips.

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