We sense a theme at game night

The men* are unanimous in their t-shirt color choice
The women** choose variety.

*The men are: Greg, Eric, Matt, Burt, Matt, Sean
**The women are: Christi, me, Kelly, Laurie

2 thoughts on “We sense a theme at game night”

  1. Oh man, this post is cracking me up. It’s even more funny to me that the men not only ended up wearing the same color, but that it’s a relatively dull color. (No judgment, I love gray! I’ve had to actively force myself to stop buying gray clothes, lol.)

    1. Also, I was relating this story to my family during a birthday celebration and guess what color shirt my brother was wearing!!!!

      That’s right! Gray.

      I currently have no gray in my wardrobe, but it’s been there in the past. Maybe just one thing at a time, though.

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