We watch the Oscars

Laurie, Kelly and I assembled at Laurie’s house to watch the Academy Awards. Kelly wrote up a BINGO game, which I won.

I created a new game called the Happiest Oscar Viewer wherein you pick all the people/movies you WANT to win. This is different from picking who you think will win. As the winners are called, you highlight any of your picks that the academy agreed with, and the person with the most highlights is the Happiest Oscar Viewer.

Laurie won that contest.

Overall, it was snoozer of a ceremony. And I have pretty high tolerance for Oscar ceremonies.

6 thoughts on “We watch the Oscars”

  1. I like the new game idea! That’s a fun twist… It was a bit ho-hum. That’s why I DVR it and start watching it late enough that I can fast forward through the drivel.

  2. Now I am finding where I last commented in the forward motion. You will have a pile of comment emails… 🙂

    1. Yes, you were a trooper, still hosting that party while being under the weather. You deserved to win the happiest Oscar watcher prize!

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