What I spent my Christmas money on

I bought a tablet!


And because I’ve learned that buying an electronic device is just the beginning of your expenses, aside from the tablet I bought a memory card, a heavy-duty case and also a new bluetooth speaker.  For unknown reasons the bluetooth speaker that worked perfectly fine with my phone was all crackly when used with the tablet.  I also bought a new case for my phone, as my old one was on its last legs.

One thing I like about Samsung products (and perhaps other products do this, it’s just that I’ve only had Samsung phones) is that when you get a new device and log in, everything is automatically downloaded.  It’s pretty cool.


One thing I’m looking forward to is having a bigger platform to read the digital editions of the newspaper.  You can see the difference here:IMG_4852

And look how much bigger the pictures are on the tablet!IMG_4853

I had a $25.00 credit for apps from Amazon and bought Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, and Settlers of Cataan.  Ticket to Ride is by far the prettiest of those apps, and my inability to win, dammit, has had me playing many games.  I anticipate that not as many games will be played once I start back to work, but it’s an amusing diversion.

My old phone case served me well.  And was cheery.IMG_4845

3 thoughts on “What I spent my Christmas money on”

  1. Do we get to see what the new phone case is? I tend to play (free) games on my iPad at night, when I’m in bed, too tired to read but not quite ready to go to sleep yet. Congrats on the new tablet! I hope you really enjoy it.

    1. It’s just the same boring black all the way around. I have even less patience shopping online than I do in stores. I just picked the first one instead of scrolling through the pages of choices.

  2. I can totally see how much better reading the paper is on that tablet. I think that is one of the reason that I balk at the idea of using my phone to read books. As it is, I am afraid the intense staring at the phone screen to play games and email and FB and then attempting to see anything in the real world is making me feel my age!

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