When I’m With You

Near the end of the series New Girl, there’s a scene where something of note is happening and, as happens regularly with network television, a song is layered to bring more meaning.

I can no longer remember what what happening in the scene, because I had, for the second time in my life, an out of brain experience. In this experience, I am singing along to the song, but the words are coming from a place buried deep in a file cabinet and, if the music were to shut off, I would not be able to tell you what the next word is. But since the music is going, I’m singing along like it’s back in the day.

This happened once before, with Cheap Trick’s “Ghost Town,” which I committed to memory back in the 80s, and it’s not a Cheap Trick song that has made a transition to commercial radio, so I didn’t hear it for several decades.

So it went with Sherriff’s “When I’m With You” a song that I apparently know by heart and have probably not heard since the first George Bush was in office.

After the scene was over and I asked my Google Speaker who sang “When I’m With You” I did a tiny bit of research and learned the song was released in 1983, but actually became a number 1 hit in the USA in 1989, thanks to a DJ in Las Vegas. Sadly, this was four years after the band separated and—an even more amazing fact—there is no video for this song.

As for the song itself, it has plenty of fun sustained notes:

Ba-a-a–a-a-be oh I get chills when I’m with you o-o-o-o-o-o, oh oh oh ba ay ay ay ay my word stand still when I’m with you o-o-o-o.

Plus, there’s a really high note at the end.

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