When the spell check fails

Signs like this break my heart, a little.

Shanna is, of course, speaking of crocheting–the thing with yarn and hook–rather than the game of croquet–the thing with wickets and mallets.  Writing this post, it turns out I can’t spell crocheting either, without spell check helping me. Luckily for me, my inability to bring together the letters in the correct order is paired with an ability to picking out the correctly spelled word from what I’m trying to say from a list.  Shanna seems not so lucky.  I would also guess from her handwriting that she is older, and perhaps not familiar with computers and word processing.

I hope that Shanna did get some interest and was able to create a book of everyone’s creations.

One thought on “When the spell check fails”

  1. I’ve got to admit, I’d like to see some creative croqueting just as much as I’d like to see some creative crocheting.

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