When You Randomly See Your First Bike

I was walking home from birthday dinner with friend Kelly when what should I see but a Trek 820 mountain bike.

Okay, this wasn’t my first bike. My first bike was a banana seat with two much pink and streamers. But the Trek 820 was the first bike I bought myself. It was also the bike that got me into bike commuting. I felt sturdier on the knobby tires then the 10-speed skinny tires on the bike I had been riding. (I wouldn’t figure out the commuter tires thing until the third bike I bought.)

I loved my little green Trek and I’m surprised to find I can’t remember what happened to it. I might have sold it after I got my next bike. But I’m pretty sure we parted in Massachusetts.

So this isn’t my bike. But it’s exactly like my bike. Good memories.

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