Words to describe 2016

Our Holiday Party coincided with the first big (actual) snow.  We started the party at 4pm (the early start time seems to be a regular thing with my company) and played poker and blackjack until 7pm as the snow came down.

One of our contests was to write a word that describes 2016.  Then, we voted on our favorite.

“Surreal” was the winner. (It doesn’t look like it, because I took these photos two days after the party. The star stickers weren’t very sticky and had fallen off.) “Emotional” and “Teamwork” were runners up.

I was quite pleased when, later that month, “surreal” also became the word of 2016.  Way to predict it DHM Research.

3 thoughts on “Words to describe 2016”

  1. It’s really sad how nearly all of them are negative, not that I don’t understand why they are. I think I would’ve put my star on “surreal” as well. Did the winner get anything?

    1. Yes, I don’t think anything in the realm of “jubilant” or even “nice” was a word that worked with 2016 for myself and my colleagues.

      The winner got a Fred Meyer Gift Card worth $25.00

  2. That’s quite a fun way to close the year. I like it. And agree…tragic might have been my choice though!

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