#YearofStitch Sampler No. 2: The Patriarchy Isn’t Going to Smash Itself

Aside from the message, there were some other fun things in this sampler. I loved the curtain made from embroidery floss just hanging out after being woven through straight stitches. I also enjoyed getting the chance to embroider script (hard!) and keep working away at my satin stitch. (It took forever!)

I also learned that when filling a diamond with French knots, it’s best to start from the middle and work outward rather than doing the edges first.

A close-up of my satin stitch. It looks rough, but I’ll get the hang of it. I outlined in backstitch, which I don’t think was the best choice.

This was a great sampler! I had a lot of fun! Thanks, Badass Cross Stitch.

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