#YearofStitch Sampler No. 9

It is finally finished! While I wish I would have stuck to one color of orange for the sun’s rays; overall, I’m very pleased at how this sampler turned out.

This sampler used these stitches:

  • Padded satin stitch (the middle of the sun)
  • Thorn stitch (yellow crisscross)
  • Laced herringbone (Xs with wavy line)
  • Cloud filling (tan wavy lines)
  • Half interlaced cross bar (orange diagonal)
  • Backstitch chain (the waves)

Backstitch chain took a lot longer than I wanted it to and ate up a lot of thread. I also kept losing the wave pattern and had to go in and put extra undulations so keep the waves going. About twelve rows in, I went back and looked at Shannon’s picture and she did not use nearly as many lines as I did. I think I was shoving them together.

I did five layers of padded satin stitch. I’m not sure that it looks very different than if I had done three layers, but I did get a lot of nice practice on my satin stitch.

My favorite was the half interlaced cross bar. Shannon modified it from a different stitch. I like how it fills the space and also looks woven in a cool way.

We have already begun the 2023 Year of Stitch! I’m excited to see what this year brings.

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