Three sentence movie reviews: GI Joe, Rise of Cobra

This was a big, dumb action movie, but it held my attention.  There were some pretty cool things, and I didn’t see the plot twist coming at all.  It could have done with more character development, but something has to get sacrificed to the special effects machine and I guess that’s as good as anything.

Cost: Free from library

Watched: at home.

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City of Roses “e”

The City of Roses Motel, down the street from my house, is no longer there.  The sign remains, however.  When we first moved here, the sign said “City of Roses OTE.”  I realized today that we were down to just the “e”.  Then I wondered what happened to the letters.  Were people prying them off as souvenirs or were the letters falling to the ground?

Investigation brought me to this broken M.  But there were no other letters about.  So maybe letters are falling AND people are stealing them.