The 50% me with a side of grumpy

On Monday and Tuesday, I was the super me. I rode to the gym, ran, lifted, rode to work. At work, I was productive all day and cheerful and so super. Today, that all came crashing down. I was awake in the middle of the night last night, so missed the gym, though did ride to work. My cold, which was receding, returned to me. I made it through the school day, but came home pretty quickly after school got out at 1 p.m. It’s 8:10 p.m. and I am about to head for bed. Maybe tomorrow I can be the medium me, returning to the super me next week.
David Bailey: Tonight I’ll be the super me.
Steve Dunne: What if the super you meets the super her and the super her rejects the super you?
David Bailey: Then it’s no problem.
Steve Dunne: Uh-huh. Why?
David Bailey: Because it was never you, it was just an act. I live my life like a French movie, Steve.

3 thoughts on “The 50% me with a side of grumpy”

  1. I think that the super me may have gone on the summer vacation that I usually have, but don’t this year because I am not teaching. The summer slumpy me is the one that seems to be hanging out these days!

    I have now worked through all of your posts and you are all commented up – good think that you hadn’t had this blog for 6 years – I would hardly be done with my commenting at this point! I love that you are in the blogosphere! Now I am off to send some emails! -Sara

  2. That was good thing, not good think – my hunt and peck typing does not always serve my in the age of technology! -Sara

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