Predictions for Harry Potter

One of my goals this year was to reread the Harry Potter series before the last book comes out. I did this because, frankly, I forgot what happens in each book and I’m not a huge fan of the movies (I’ve only seen 1 and the DVD extras of 3) so things aren’t really solidified in my mind. I decided to read one per month which would have me finishing in June.

“What are you going to do for the rest of June and most of July?” asked Matt. We were arguing about whose reading schedule was better. I told him I would review.

I’m really glad I reread everything because I didn’t really remember much of the second book and only a little of the fourth book. The third book was less murky for me because I saw parts of the movie, but most of that was pretty unfamiliar too. Still, even with all of my reviewing, I got to the part in the sixth book when the big spider dies, and there was a reference to an earlier book when Ron and Harry encountered it. I had no idea what she was talking about. But I’ve got a good foundation for the last book.

Without further ado here are my predictions for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

This assumes you have either read all six books or don’t really care if you find anything out.

•We will spend 80% of the book thinking that Snape is evil, and 15% wondering if he might be good and 5% finding out that he is good. Although he did KILL Dumbledore. So this might be way off.

•One of the Weasley’s will die. There are just too many of them. They can’t all be in mortal peril forever. I’m guessing Charlie as he has been in Romania for the entire series and we haven’t gotten attached to him.

•Dumbledore is dead, but will advise/aid Harry in some way.

•Harry will die, and even though this will be tragic and sad, it will make for a somewhat tear sodden happy ending.

•If Harry doesn’t die, he will defeat Voldemort and become a quiddich player.

One thought on “Predictions for Harry Potter”

  1. I am still in the Dumbledore didn’t really die camp! I suppose that is a very naive attitude, but it was just too much of a twist for me. I cried quite a bit over that one. When you mentioned your rereading of Harry schedule on my blog I thought, WOW! What a fantastic idea. I was just going to reread book 6 – which I better get on – because its coming!!! I agree with your predictions about Snape…I think in the end he will show his true and good colors – although he’ll be a slimy pain in the mean time. I can’t really believe that Harry will die. Shawn (and others) have been taunting me with this for awhile…I guess if you look at my commentary on Dumbledore’s death you will not be surprised that I don’t think Harry will die. As for the movies, I didn’t want to like them, but I ended up being a fan. I went one a summer date with my students to see the second film, and perhaps I am just a HP nut enough that I cannot but enjoy, critique, complain about, and look forward to those movies. They certainly aren’t as good or complex as the books, but the movie version of books never are! -Sara

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