MPR’s Select a Candidate Survey

Don’t know who to vote for? Minnesota Public Radio wants to help you figure it out. They offer a quiz to help you select a presidential candidate. I took it and my results are below. (MPR doesn’t have the fancy “post your results” feature that many surveys have. You have to type the results in yourself, if you want people to see them.)

  • Chris Dodd (29)
  • Dennis Kucinich (24)
  • Hillary Clinton (23)
  • John Edwards (23)
  • Barack Obama (22)
  • Bill Richardson (20)
  • Joe Biden (17)
  • Mike Gravel (17)
  • Ron Paul (11)
  • Rudy Giuliani (10)
  • Mike Huckabee (4)
  • John McCain (3)
  • Mitt Romney (2)
  • Dunchan Hunter (1)
  • Fred Thompson (1)
  • Tom Tancredo (0)

You too can take this informative quiz. Wouldn’t it be fun to post your results (or at least your top five) in the comment section? I think so!

One thought on “MPR’s Select a Candidate Survey”

  1. Here are my results:
    Bill Richardson – 24
    Dennis Kucinich – 22
    Chris Dodd, John Edwards – 19
    Mike Gravel, Barack Obama – 18
    Hillary Clinton – 16
    Joe Biden – 15
    Ron Paul – 12
    Rudy Guiliani – 8
    John McCain, Mike Huckabee – 5
    Mitt Romney – 2
    Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancado, Fred Thompson – 1

    -I am a little surprised at a few (Hillary and Barrack are so far down!) and my last three ones are for line-item veto which I would only like so the president can clean up the pork that comes across his/her table…I am pretty sure that is not why those 3 guys like it! -S

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