Police Officers. Lunch Ladies. Park Rangers. Nurses. Only some of the professions where people wear uniforms. And now: Administrative Coordinators at The Emerson School. Yes, that’s right, I’ve decided to assign myself a uniform.

It all started with one of my LEX friends. We write topic letters back and forth and one of her topics was, “do you dress for yourself or others?” In answering that question, I said that if I had my druthers, I would just wear a uniform to work every day. I’ve had several jobs that require a uniform and I’ve really enjoyed wearing them. When I wore a uniform, I would get up in the morning and I already know what I was going to wear.

“Hey!” I thought to myself a few days later, “I could just wear a uniform.” And so I did.

So this is it:
I have three pairs of Dockers black pants, four shirts from Eddie Bauer in “deep basil” and–what I am most excited about–I now own two cute black sweaters that I really like wearing. I bought some clogs, too. We shall see how we get along. I already have a few black skirts that I can wear when I feel like it.

When the weather turns colder, if I still like wearing the uniform I will buy some long-sleeved shirts and sweaters. I’m pretty excited about this venture. I’ve told my co-workers at work and they are amused/supportive. We shall see how long it takes before any of the parents or children at school say anything.

Also! I treated myself to some new Keen shoes. I really, really love them. And I’m allowed to wear them with the uniform, too.

One thought on “Uniform!”

  1. Yes! A post requested and comes by popular demand. I feel that I can call myself popular demand, because I have been asking for it for awhile now! LOVELY!!! I know that I got to see it in person…but I wanted the post, too. And I love the pop of color with the red Keens! Nice touch! -S

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