It takes a lot to be Miss Nomer.

When I heard about the all-new Rose Festival Walk I knew it was the walk for me. Getting to walk the Rose Festival Route before the parade? When all the people are sitting there waiting for the parade to start? Who wouldn’t want to do that? And I knew that I was going to go as my best beauty queen self. So I spent the evening before preparing to be Miss Nomer. Miss Nomer may be a misapplied or inappropriate beauty queen, but she tries her best.

Miss Nomer has to make her own sash. Luckily she has access to a large font in Word and a printer. That made tracing her name much easier.
Miss Nomer put on a mud mask for sparking skin and braided her hair to achieve appropriate “big”-ness.
You too, can make your own crown. All you need is a file folder, stapler, aluminum foil and glue.
After the glue dries, the crown is easily secured with a paper clip.
Miss Nomer even painted her nails. As she was doing this she was trying to remember the last time her nails had been painted. It may have been in college. Maybe. But it might not have been since high school.
Now it is off for a good night sleep for Miss Nomer.

One thought on “It takes a lot to be Miss Nomer.”

  1. Oh Miss Nomer…as I said, out of order, you do reign in my heart! I love it!!!! -S

    -My last comment and I am off to the market for some local goodness.

    -How could people not get it?

    -I feel that you might have to fight with some very sassy drag queens to keep the title.

    -Do you want me to turn off blog moderation until you get caught up with your comments? I will go do that right now. -S

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