Garden Bed

I was intrigued by these planters, which are outside the Portland Village School. I was wondering if I could do something like this for the herb bed I was planning to build out front.

Nice joining.
But this is the cool part. They seem to have been fastened with a metal rod of some sort.
The rod goes all the way to the bottom.
Very nicely done, but I concluded that they were beyond my carpenter capabilities at this point.

2 thoughts on “Garden Bed”

  1. Thanks for all your nice comments. I have not checked your blog in a while (it was in my usual rotations and then you had a dry spell where I am assuming life happened and YOU GOT BUSY – as we all do in blogging) so I missed your last few posts. I will be back to get caught up later! Thanks again for your thoughtful words,


  2. Nice bed! Not sure when I have occasion to say that very often. And I bet you could do it! I have faith in your abilities!!! -S

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