Morning walk, just a few pictures

We are at that happy, albeit brief, time of year when my morning constitutionals have enough light to capture pictures.

I’m not a fan of the things you can buy to make your trees have faces. They seem like a fun idea, but all the faces creep me out. Plus, faces on trees? Is this Oz? It’s just weird. So I’m on the fence about this guy. He’s a bit more natural, and doesn’t look like he’s molded plastic, and he does have some hair, so those are all good things. But, I don’t know, he doesn’t look very happy to be stuck in that wall forever. I’m caught between “fun and kitchy” and “weird feeling.”

This is a very nice little hothouse someone built. The windows can be propped up and it looks like it could be moved, although not easily. If I built one like that, it would take up a lot of my yard, but a smaller version would be nice. Perhaps someday.

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