Last day of school

Just like the other days of our cold and rainy spring, the last day of school arrived with children bundled up in winter coats, feet in solid, warm shoes. I spent the last recess of the 2009-2010 school year bundled up against the cold and wearing a wool hat. It started to pour about ten minutes before the last recess ended, which was also the end of the school day. Because the trees in the North Park blocks had leafed out, most of the children didn’t notice how hard it was raining. But just as I was about to blow the whistle to end the recess, lightning flashed and thunder cracked nearby. We ended our soggy, rainy spring and our soggy rainy school year by escorting a bunch of cold but excited 2/3 students inside.

“Why do we have to come inside just because of a little lightening?” asked more than one child. They are such Portlanders. They think hail is snow and because lightening rarely strikes the Portland metro area, they don’t know to be afraid of it.

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  1. What a last day. I think it was 90 and humid on our last day. It was June 25, so perhaps that extremely late date contributed.

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