I prefer a cold bedroom and many covers rather than a warm bedroom and few covers. I prefer either of the above rather than a cold bedroom and few covers. Washing my sheets today, I liked how the different colors of my many covers lay together on the bed.

2 thoughts on “Bedding”

  1. I love how heavy they can be. The weight is very comforting! Reminds me of my grandmother S's house! She had twin beds in her room and we always stayed together.

  2. We used to spend Christmases in Austin, TX at the home of some family friends who went elsewhere for Xmas. I slept in an antique bed which was covered with a lovely white tatted? crocheted? macramed? spread I referred to as "the iron bedspread." I don't know what it was made of but it weighed so much I would sleep the whole night without turning over.

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