Three sentence movie reviews: The Town

The movie that asks the question: If you are dating a charming townie who wants you to go away with him and then it turns out he’s part of the band of bank robbers who kidnapped you, should you go away with him?* I found this to be a very fun action/romance which was well acted in all corners. It helps that Ben Affleck (a good director, who I would like to see more of behind the camera instead of in front of it) was playing the classic Ben Affleck character, which he does well.

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*In fact when I asked the question to Matt the following conversation ensued:

PCC: What if you were dating a nice guy and it turned out that he was a bank robber who kidnapped you?

MAJ: I would say that’s not a good sign and you probably should break up.

PCC: But what if HE wasn’t the one who kidnapped you, but one of the other guys did and he was didn’t want to do it?

MAJ: I think that he still has some problems.

PCC: But what if he was really nice and wanted to change his ways?

MAJ (sighing): I’m so glad I’m not a woman.

PCC: Why?

MAJ: Because we just sleep with the bad girls. We don’t try and make a life with them.

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  1. The previews on this one made me intrigued, a bit. Then the scary running nuns freaked me out. I do like Ben Affleck…

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