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In searching for a teaching position, I get the fun of reading Craigslist ads–most of which are not for a teaching position because the job market is not so good right now. In reading these ads, I find delightful, “are they serious?” moments, which I’m going to keep to myself no longer.

Today’s entry from Craigslist:

Math Tutor needed for Portland Family for upcoming 2011-2012 school year. Must have previous tutoring, student teaching, or teaching experience in Math or Science. In addition to math, general homework help may be required. We are looking for someone who has a high energy level and can engage, guide and encourage these students in their studies. Must be able to motivate while making the learning “fun”. Math expertise in elementary school arithmetic – calculus required.

I think they mean “elementary arithmetic through calculus” but their phraseology implies they want someone with experience with calculus at the elementary school level.

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