Building Gone

When we last checked in with the site of the former club Satyricon, it was in the process of being torn down. I’m midway through a three week vacation, so I haven’t followed the daily progress, but I happened to be in the neighborhood today and so stopped by to update.

The building is completely gone, debris moved away and there begins to be a hole dug.

If you squint at the above picture you can barely see the little graffito in the middle of nowhere. Below is a closeup. My theory as to how it got painted in the middle of the wall? I think there was a window that was still operable when the building went up and someone opened it and muralized.

One thought on “Building Gone”

  1. Is it the creature from Ghostbusters (Slimer)? Maybe that indicates when the graffiti might have been done. It amazes me how quickly a building can come down and disappear, since it seems to take much longer to build it up. Can't wait to see the progress.

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