Three sentence movie reviews: Contagion

Not a film to take your germ phobic friend to, it was fun to see the many famous and talented actors (including, as I realized three days later: “That was Lizzie! From the Pride and Prejudice Miniseries) wander through this film. But what I enjoyed the most was the exploration of the societal aspects of the epidemic: the closing of state borders, the rioting, the looting. One slight criticism: if the mortality rate was 40%, why did we never see anyone get sick and then recover?

Also, was this a movie that passed the Bechdel test? There were a goodly number of women it it not talking about a man, but did they ever talk to each other? Readers, weigh in.

One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews: Contagion”

  1. We are still deciding if we want to see this. The freaky germ factor is almost too much. I figure teachers will be the first to go.

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